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LEDs project into the future

LED-trough-lightsIron Design has launched a new range of slim line LED trough lights to accompany its existing range of projecting signs.

The new LED lighting units will replace the current T5 fluorescent lights, and give a bright uniform beam of light with lower energy consumption and a lifetime of 50,000 plus hours. This green/eco option will be supplied in 600mm lengths, to suit the standard 750mm sign brackets and Curvex sign, and in 850mm lengths to suit the large 1000mm sign brackets. The 600mm lighting units will produce 600 lumen and use only 6 watts per side, and the 850mm lengths will produce 900 lumen and use only 9 watts per side.

The new slim line profile of the lighting unit is far less obtrusive than other similar trough lights on the market, only having a profile width of 53mm x 25mm. This detracts far less from the visual impact of the actual sign. These lights will be available in pairs supplied with a transformer, cables and all the necessary fixings to mount to the projecting sign bracket.


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