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New products from INDASOL

Indasol LED tapeINDASOL have been supplying the sign industry for over 10 years, and say they understand the importance of selecting the right product for each application. They work closely with their customers and suppliers to make sure they “always have the most innovative range of sign fixing tapes and adhesives available”.

The latest addition to their range is their Low Surface Energy UHBs (15000-LSE series); and their unique heat dissipating LED bonding UHBs (21000-LED). Their LSE-UHB tapes offer high strength bonding to difficult materials such as Polycarbonate and other difficult plastics. They do not stress or fatigue the plastic in any way and provide not only a structural strength bond, but also an expansion joint to cope with temperature changes.

Their LED-UHB tapes have been designed to cope with not only difficult surfaces, but also small surface areas. They have also been designed to take away the heat generated by LEDs and eliminate hot spots.

LEDs are taking over when it comes to illuminated signage and a lot of these are coming in from various countries, says the company. Some with and some without an adhesive backing. “The backing is sometimes branded, but it is dubious as to whether it is a genuine products or a poor copy. Sadly we do see a number of poor quality tapes and adhesives on the market which can present disastrous results,” says a spokesperson.

They are seeing LEDs with adhesive failure on the back of the LEDs where the supplied tape/foam is either not bonding well to the LED backing, or failing during use due to heat. This is where their 21000-LED series and 15000-LSE series UHB products are “ideal”, as they cope with the difficult surface and also eliminate the heat issue.

They offer free of charge technical advice either on site or by email/phone, free of charge samples and “want to get involved as early as we can in each project no matter how big or small”.


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