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Easier weeding with 123!

roll of paperTheMagicTouch have introduced 'easy-2-weed™', a new improved feature for the existing white 123Flex, at no extra cost.

TheMagicTouch have marketed their unique range of 123Flex and garment vinyl products for many years; the current range has over 160 different colours and effects. But with all flex products cut using traditional plotters, the transfers need to be weeded. This, says TheMagicTouch, is probably considered the most laborious, tedious and costliest part of the garment decoration process.

Using the latest gravure precision engineering during the manufacturing, an embossed effect on the hotmelt backside is applied. This enables cut lines to be more visible, to make the weeding process easier and quicker.
This unique innovation will apply initially to the white 123Flex with other colours and products to follow in the future.

The 123Flex with its lower tack carrier sheet, and 123Flex Premium version with the higher tack carrier sheet, for more precise and complex designs, are recognised as the best value flex products on the market, says the company. Both versions offer the unique option of lower temperature, as low as 120°application, to make sure mixed fabrics and performance fabrics don’t scorch or leave heat press marks on the garments.


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