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Roland DG (UK) Ltd Launches Texart™ 64-Inch Dye Sublimation Printer

A model of the texart printerRoland DG has launched the Texart RT-640, a 64-inch dye sublimation transfer printer in either four- or eight-colour ink configurations with 'innovative' print control technology and a choice of RIP software.

According to Mark Elvidge, Roland DG product manager, the RT-640 incorporates a host of technological advancements which optimise sublimation transfer output whilst minimising running costs. "One of the Texart RT-640's major innovations is our new ink. Previously, colours sublimated to fabrics could look distorted with dull blacks, missing greys and fuzzy details. The RT-640's variable droplet technology in combination with new Roland Texart dye sublimation ink displays bold, vibrant colours and rich velvety blacks, as well as subtle gradations and fine details."

"Adding Orange and Violet inks increases the colour gamut and allows for exceptional reds, oranges, deep blues and purples, while Light Cyan and Light Magenta provide subtle gradations and beautiful skin tones," he said.
The Texart RT-640 incorporates a gold-plated, anti-static print head capable of printing seven different droplet sizes for smooth gradations and dense colour. A newly designed Feed Adjuster, combined with a more powerful fan and an included take-up system, ensures added stability for high-speed printing up to 32.6m2 per hour.

Roland's RT-640 has a bulk ink system that uses one litre airtight-sealed pouches. The Roland Ink Switching System™ allows users to load a fresh pouch without stopping the printer. In four-colour CMYK mode, this system provides two litres per colour and automatically switches to the other ink pouch when the first pouch runs out.
When purchasing, there is a choice of two professional RIPs: VersaWorks; developed by Roland for Roland printers or ErgoSoft Roland Edition which has a full range of textile-specific features.

'Increased convenience and ease-of-use' is provided by new Roland Printer Assist – a system that enables the operator to manage production, test-printing and cleaning functions directly from an iPad tablet from virtually anywhere within the premises.
Additional user-friendly features include media loading levers at both the front and rear of the printer and media brackets to make loading even the heaviest media rolls a simple task.

Mark says: "We built this machine to answer user demand for a high production sublimation printer that's affordable, reliable, efficient to run and easy to operate. The RT-640 delivers on all of these fronts, offering users both high quality performance and unbeatable value."

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