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Biesse Rover Plast A

model Biesse Rover Plast A close up of the router spindle diagram of the control desk

Biesse Group UK Limited, will demonstrate their new CNC Router dedicated to the sign industry, at Sign and Digital UK from 28 to 30 March 2017.

This Rover Plast A has been designed to meet the needs of the worldwide market for a higher level of precision and speed, says the company. The result is a machine that is best in class for accuracy and durability from one of the world’s largest manufacturers of CNC Routers.

With over 400 machines sold in the UK to date, the Rover A is one of the most popular machines in the woodworking industry. Following extensive worldwide market research the machine’s specification and performance has been optimised to encompass all the features required by the sign industry.

Significant features of the Rover A include the installation of the new HSD water-cooled router spindle, providing over 10 HP and which is capable of running at 36,000rpm. The router spindle ensures the perfect cutting of cast acrylic, as well as laminated, composite and non-ferrous sheet materials. To ensure a clean edge on these materials the router spindle is cooled via refrigerated air jets and a de-ionisation system, to further make sure the cutter is maintained at its maximum performance.

Each machine is delivered with a 10 position tool changer, which can be expanded to 24 on request.
Optional features that are available include an Oscillating and Tangential knife unit with interchangeable tools, plus Camera Recognition System for ‘cut to print’ operations. This allows customers to have one complete machining centre for all things sign and digital.

The machine frame is both heavy and rigid ensuring vibration free machining whilst the phenolic vacuum bed ensures perfect hold down even on the smallest parts thanks to the two 300 m³/h vacuum pumps.

Machine specification
Working field 3100 x 2205
Axis speeds X= 85m/min Y=60m/min Z=20m/min
Vector Speed 104m/min

The machine’s operations are controlled via the stand-alone control desk featuring full PC control of all functions. Biesse’s bSolid is the integrated software which allows the operator to design and visualise each component to be processed; as well as tooling information, production times and on screen optimisation of the cutting programme. The software allows the import of CAD files from remote sources, plus the unique advantage of “nesting” parts within the sheet to optimise the use of materials to be cut. This feature saves both time and material allowing the operator to take complete control of production.

Biesse has always been associated with safety and the new Rover A is fully compliant with features such as perimeter guarding via mesh screens and photo cell barriers. A ballistic curtain around the cutting spindle contains any flying debris or broken cutters and dust extraction enclosures provide a clean operating environment.
Biesse Group UK offer a complete service support package to make sure that customers receive assistance either from the service help desk in Daventry, or one of 30 service technicians through the UK.


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