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Customising with APA gets 'extreme'!

car covered in chrome effect vinyl

APA have released new colours in the 'space age' chrome effect vinyl range. As well as the gloss and super bright PVC Cast films that are available in a blue, red, silver and steel finish; new matt non-reflective textures, in the new titanium and blue versions have been added, a 'perfect bond between innovation and exclusivity'.

'High quality materials and easily conformable', says APA, with 125-140 ┬Ám thickness, the films are suitable for many surfaces, both flat and undulating. Ideal to decorate and personalise detailed areas, suitable also for interior decoration and to achieve graphic details that require a chrome finishing, says the company.

The adhesive films are compatible with Solvent, Eco-solvent and UV ink printers. The metallic surface is particularly abrasion resistant due to the OLCHS protection Over-Lam-Chrome-Surface. The ultra-permanent glue with channelled adhesive (Air Free FTX System), facilitate the air expulsion and paths the way to a 'perfect application with impeccable results'.

"Intense chrome effect, durability and extreme personalisation make APA Chrome effect vinyl's the popular choice, not to go passed unobserved and to make any type of surface special and exclusive!" says a spokesperson.


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