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Mutoh EMEA Release XpertJet Pro Series Sign & Display Printers

The Mutoh XPJ-1341SR Pro (54” – 137 cm) and XPJ-1641SR Pro (64” – 162 cm) wide format printers
The Mutoh XPJ-1341SR Pro (54” – 137 cm) and XPJ-1641SR Pro (64” – 162 cm)
AccuFin, i-Screen and VerteLith logos

Mutoh Europe nv, EMEA business unit of Mutoh Industries Co. Ltd., Japan, this week unveiled its XPJ-1341SR Pro (54” – 137 cm) and XPJ-1641SR Pro (64” – 162 cm) new generation of digital inkjet printers.  Both single head CMYK printers feature brand new head technology, a new weaving algorithm and Mutoh’s genuine VerteLith RIP software to deliver a significant improvement in both print quality and print speed.  The XpertJet Pro series printers also integrate automatic alignments to ensure uninterrupted production and consistent quality.

The XpertJet 1341SR Pro is the successor to the ValueJet 1324X.  The XpertJet 1641SR Pro is the successor to the XpertJet 1641SR.

Mutoh XpertJet Pro printers are targeted at high quality volume production of sign & display graphics for long-term outdoor applications and durable prints for indoor use.   Thanks to the GREENGUARD Gold certified Mutoh MS31/MS41 inks, the output can be used at full room coverage, even in sensitive environments such as schools and hospitals.  This widens the scope of applications for this type of printer.

Engineered and manufactured in Japan, both models bring together the very best of Mutoh proprietary technologies for drop accuracy and therefore print quality:

  • Mutoh’s new AccuFine extra-wide 1600 nozzles print head
  • i-screen weaving, Mutoh’s fourth generation Intelligent Interweaving technology
  • Mutoh’s genuine VerteLith RIP software

These technologies have been designed to work seamlessly together to give users the most accurate drop-placement in the industry and they are all on-board the new XpertJet Pro range.  The new print head guarantees improved droplet quality, along with more accurate drop positioning.  The i-screen weaving algorithms as implemented in the firmware of the Pro class engines put the increased droplet quality to use by suppressing banding even more.  The VerteLith proprietary Mutoh screening, called Clear Tone, employs the improvements to the printer and print head to deliver even better gradients and skin tones, even in 4-color setup, free of any noise.

Key is the fact that users gain significant quality and speed advantages over previous generations, in all production print modes.  Comparing corresponding print modes, the XPJ-1341SR Pro is up to 212 % faster versus the VJ-1324X.  The XPJ-1641SR Pro is up to 201 % faster versus the XPJ-1641SR.  All achieved by the Mutoh proprietary technologies working together.

The XPJ-1341SR Pro and XPJ-1641SR Pro printers will be marketed by Mutoh Europe throughout the EMEA business area through its existing network of certified distributors.

Mutoh XpertJet 1341SR Pro and 1641SR Pro – Product Highlights

  • Brand new AccuFine print head technology on board.
  • New generation i-screen weaving technology suppresses banding even further.
  • New VerteLith Clear Tone Screening to deliver the best gradients and skin tones.
  • GREENGUARD Gold certified MS31/MS41 inks :
    • Output can be used at full room coverage, even in sensitive environments such as schools and hospitals.
    • UV durability without lamination up to 3 years outdoor. For heavy duty applications where mechanical stress or environmental impact is involved (floor, vehicle and marine graphics), lamination is required.  Stabilisation is required prior to lamination.
  • Mutoh’s genuine VerteLith RIP Software :
    • Built around Harlequin® RIP Core
    • Straightforward & powerful user interface
    • Simple workflow
    • ICC substrate profiling included
    • Powerful preview functions to reduce errors and waste :
      • Soft proof before printing
      • What-you-see-is-what-you-get RIP preview
    • Workflow efficiency & finishing tools (trim marks, grommets, automated and manual tiling, step & repeat functionality, accurate multi page PDF processing, …)
  • Motorised take-up systems: 20 & 30 kg (XPJ-1341SR-P); 30, 40 and 100 kg (XPJ-1641SR-P)
  • Unrivalled user assistance to save time and waste :
    • Automated bi-dir alignment.
    • Automated media feed adjust.
    • Automated media roll length management through bar code print/scan.
    • Nozzle Area Select allows disabling of nozzle areas on the head to continue printing.
    • The 1641SR-P can be equipped with an optional automated nozzle check unit : printer will automatically detect missing nozzles, attempt recovery via cleaning and, if needed, automatically activate the Nozzle Area Select feature to continue production, without the need of an operator intervention.

For more product info on the XpertJet Pro printers : https://mutoh.eu/en/products/sign-display

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