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JBF Digital picks ‘must have’ Epson SureColor SC-V700

An Epson flatbed printer is placed in the middle of a busy workshop
Epson's 10-colour ink set ensures accurate colour reproduction for spot and corporate colours. 

Digital print specialists JBF Digital have transformed its service delivery, improved production quality and broadened its application versatility using the Epson SureColor SC-V7000 UV Flatbed printing solution.

The Kent operation specialises in the production of custom printed site hoardings and boards, exhibition graphics, window graphics, banners, posters, and more. It aims to provide a bespoke, end-to-end, on-demand digital printing solution and works with some of the UK’s leading print management companies, design agencies, marketing teams, and major retailers.

Joe Field, Managing Director of JBF Digital, explains the decision to invest: “It was a must-have. We needed something to be able to keep up with the orders coming in and this was the direction in the next step of our growth. We also needed to be able to keep up with the competition and stand out from the crowd. Previously we were being out-costed, but with the V7000 we’re now more price competitive and delivering a better quality to our customers.

“The business was really struggling at times to complete incoming orders. We were running 24 hours a day sometimes and looking to take on extra staff. Now we can take more work on, complete it to a higher quality and offer quicker lead times.”

Joe looked at the SureColor SC-V7000 after it was recommended by Nick Martin, Account Manager at Perfect Colours, one of Epson’s specialized resellers. Joe explains: “I know Nick very well and he could see what we were dealing with. We also had two Epson SureColor SC-S80600s that had worked very well for us. We liked their build, consistency, quality, and reliability. Nick said there was this new system that would tick all our boxes. We did look at other options but liked the SureColor SC-V7000 for a number of reasons.”

Nick continues: “A key benefit is the ability to print directly onto the substrate. Normally we would print on vinyl, laminate, and then fix it to a board. This three-step process could involve up to three people. Now it is a one step, one person process as often the use of UV negates the need to laminate. This saves time and money. It is also more environmentally responsible as there is no need to use vinyl. We can also use eco boards and other more sustainable substrates such as 100% recycled Foamex.

“Important too for us was the fact the white ink can be laid down in one pass. Normally this was a two-step process and this took more time and the quality was not always as good. When you are using expensive material like acrylic it is important to get it right. We also liked that it had its own red ink. No other flatbed machine prints its own red.”

The SureColor SC-V7000 was developed for sign makers who are looking to expand their offering and produce high quality UV signage. Offering up to 2.5, x 1.25m print capability it prints directly on to a wide range of substrates up to 80mm thick including acrylics, polycarbonates, PVC, aluminium, metal, polyester, foamboard, styrene, wood, and stone.

Its 10-colour ink set with light cyan, light magenta, and grey provide low graininess and red for vivid and bright prints. It ensures accurate colour reproduction for spot and corporate colours. A 4-zone vacuum system comes as standard – so operators only use the area needed for the print job. Further features such as an ionizer and registration pins provide ease-of-use, efficiency, and productivity. With Epson Edge Print RIP software and UV Flatbed controller software, operators can speed up printing and produce high quality results easily and repeatably.

Joe says: “Investing in the SC-V7000 was a no brainer. I don’t know how we would have managed without it. Since installation it has been running every day. It has never missed a beat. We can respond better to bespoke needs and listen to clients more. Our clients are happier and we are able to deliver a wider variety of work. We are more confident too. We work with a lot of watch boutiques and the quality we can consistently deliver means we can now target that type of work more successfully.”

He adds: “JBF Digital wanted a system that elevated its production capabilities and capacity while also enabling it to win new customers. It wanted to enhance its offering as part of a sustainable business model and the combination of high-quality results, productivity and competitive pricing delivered by the SC-V7000 enabled that.”

As for working with Epson he concludes: “They are a big corporate company but they have a personal touch. It has been great to work with them.”


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