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Multi-purpose CNC router to set new benchmark

AXYZ infinite 5010 on display
Key design features of the AXYZ Infinite include a heavy-duty solid steel frame construction to accommodate more vigorous machine operation

AXYZ Automation Group has announced the first of a series of new product innovations. The AXYZ Infinite multi-purpose CNC router builds on the legacy of previous AXYZ machines in terms of outstanding build quality, reliability and higher productivity levels. With a fresh design concept and optional machine enhancements, the Infinite is aimed at setting a new benchmark for machine configurability, flexibility and price/performance productivity.

For over 30 years, AXYZ routers have been renowned for their ability to meet the sometimes complex requirements of companies in many diverse industries for which advanced CNC routing/cutting technology has been a major contributor to business growth and profitability.

With around 367,000 different machine configurations currently available, AXYZ routers have been able to accommodate every conceivable routing/cutting requirement from bespoke one-off and/or small batch through to high volume production runs at what are acknowledged to be the most competitive prices currently available. Key design features of the AXYZ Infinite include a heavy-duty solid steel frame construction to accommodate more vigorous machine operation and a new carriage design that provides easier access for servicing.

The machine can be configured with a choice of single, dual or triple routing/cutting heads, with a processing bed size of 3,251mm (width) by 15.24 metres (length). A more efficient dust extraction system is designed to radically reduce clogging of the router and eliminate consequent unwanted and expensive machine downtime; and an improved misting system enables more efficient machine cooling and lubricating functions.

The AXYZ Infinite can be supplied with the latest optional VCarve Pro and Aspire design and production software programs, both of which provide all of the necessary tools for 2D and more complex 3D applications. With the Aspire option, machine owners can now engage with specialised work such as solid surface panel processing, engraving and milling and 3D model-making, opening up new market opportunities and increasing profitability. AXYZ Automation Group customers have access to a wide range of optional machine enhancements. In particular, the AXYZ ATC system that provides up to 33 tool-change stations for work involving multiple tools, the AXYZ Zone Management facility for optimum material hold-down efficiency and the latest A2MC machine controller with integrated AVS facility.

The latest helical rack and pinion drive system incorporating a multiple gear teeth configuration helps spread the workload more evenly, resulting in faster throughput speeds, reduced machine wear and material wastage and a longer than normal machine life.


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