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Drytac Europe FaceMount adhesive

Picture of eyes on mounting adhesiveDrytac's FaceMount™ mounting adhesive has been made for the face mounting of virtually any image to clear substrates such as PetG™, acrylic, Plexiglas™ and polycarbonate. It is also appropriate for lenticular imaging applications and backlit display transparencies.

FaceMount is a 25µ optically clear polyester mounting film coated on both sides with a pressure-sensitive, solvent-based acrylic adhesive that is protected prior to use on both sides with siliconised polyester release liner. It is available with permanent adhesive on both sides.

This product is optically clear and is 'ideal' for demanding applications where colour integrity is of 'paramount importance', such as high-end proofing and photographic laboratory printing, museum quality fine art and giclée printing.

Steve Broad, Drytac Sales Director Europe, said: "FaceMount meets the very highest standards in clear mounting applications at a cost-effective price-point. Once the image is applied to the surface, FaceMount will disappear and you will just be left with your original artwork. It is the latest in a series of solutions we've developed to meet specific applications and is a must for all who want to mount artworks behind any type of clear substrate."

Drytac's entire range of films and adhesives is exclusively distributed throughout the UK and Ireland by Antalis.


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