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Mimaki JV5-320DS - the new direct & dye sub production printer

Mimaki’s new grand format direct to polyester printer – the JV5-320DS.

Mimaki recently announced the launch of its new large format direct and dye-sublimation printer - the 3.2m wide JV5-320DS. The new machine enables direct printing on polyester substrates at high speeds and with excellent results. The highly acclaimed productivity and quality features of JV5 have been merged in this model to produce outstanding print on textiles on a super wide scale. The JV5-320DS will be available early in the New Year commanding a slight premium over the current solvent version due to the additional features of the new machine.

The JV5-320DS is based on Mimaki's award-winning JV5-320S solvent super wide printer and is designed for high productivity and accurate print quality requirements in the outdoor signage market. As this market is experiencing growing demand for outside signage on polyester textiles, for instance, for flags, banners and soft signage that are better catered for with water based dye-sublimation inks, Mimaki has designed the JV5-320DS.

The majority of the benefits from the current JV5-320S are incorporated into the JV5-320DS in such a way that the highest productivity and excellent image quality are achieved on this direct and dye-sublimation printer. During printing on polyester substrates, inks can easily pass through the fabric underneath. Therefore, the JV5-320DS is equipped with an ink catching trough to prevent the ink that penetrates the fabric staining the back side. In addition, a new drying fan will dry inks directly after printing in order to prevent media sticking during the winding process. The JV5-320DS also features Mimaki's new Spray Suppressor System that improves printing consistency even further.

John de la Roche; National Sales Manager for Mimaki's UK & Ireland distributor, Hybrid Services Ltd welcomes the introduction of the JV5-320DS; "We're answering market demands for production printing of grand format soft signage with this machine."

"The desire to print directly to polyester seems to be on everyone's lips at the moment and with the new JV5-320DS, it's a commercial reality."

The JV5-320DS achieves a maximum resolution of 1,440 dpi and is equipped with Mimaki's AMF (Automatic Media Feeder) for stable feeding of heavy media up to 130kg. Print speeds vary according to resolution between 60.3 sq m/h (540 x 720 dpi) for long distance viewing to close up viewing of 44 sq m/h (at 540 x 1,080 dpi). Mimaki's proven Sb52 dye-sublimation ink with their superior colouration characteristics are used - delivering vibrant colour and deep hues. The printer also features the optional, MBIS (Mimaki Bulk Ink Supply System) that provides an ink load of two litre containers and thus caters for long uninterrupted print runs while at the same time saving money on ink.

Further details of the new machine can be had by contacting Mimaki's exclusive UK & Ireland distributor, Hybrid Services Ltd by either calling 01270 501900 or by visiting their website at www.hybridservices.co.uk.

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