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Mimaki Engineering introduces eco-friendly carton ink cartridges to worldwide market

Mimaki Engineering has announced the global launch of its carton ink cartridges to replace traditional plastic cartridges with an environmentally friendly paper alternative.

The carton ink cartridges were initially introduced to the Japanese market in May 2023, with availability in the UK and Ireland expected later this year. Designed for use in Mimaki’s eco-solvent printers, these cartridges retain exceptional performance while significantly reducing environmental impact.

By transitioning from plastic to paper, Mimaki has achieved a remarkable 68% reduction in plastic usage per cartridge. This innovative approach is projected to eliminate approximately 44 tonnes of plastic and 65 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually, underscoring Mimaki's commitment to a greener future.

Moreover, the lighter weight of carton ink cartridges translates to an estimated 8 tonne reduction in CO2 emissions during transportation, further contributing to a decarbonised society.

Recognising its groundbreaking design and eco-conscious packaging, the ink cartridge received the prestigious Industrial Packaging Category Award at the 2023 Japan Packaging Contest.

Arjen Evertse, general manager sales EMEA at Mimaki Europe,said: We remain committed to innovation in all parts of the production process, from the ink cartridges to the technology itself, in pursuit of a positive environmental impact. To respond swiftly to social and environmental needs, we see the importance of advanced technologies such as automation, high-efficiency and high-speed printers, and waterless textile technology.

“Through all these sustainable initiatives, we continue to be dedicated in making a positive contribution to the global print community and fostering a sustainable future for generations to come.”

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