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Metamark offer new MD-PP150 poster paper free

Metamark PP150 poster paper on display

Materials company, Metamark has announced that it is offering customers a free sample of its latest MD-PP150 poster paper.

According to Metamark, the new material delivers all the pop and vibrancy that fans of MD-Class media have come to expect of Metamark's MD products, and is said to be fast drying and scuff resistant too.

The matte finish is a crisp, polar white colour, delivering those poppy, slightly larger than life colours advertisers tend to favour.

The product is compatible with all solvent, UV, Eco-Solvent and Latex ink species and is recommended particularly for indoor advertising and POS display applications.

Despite its relatively light weight, Metamark MD-PP150 is also said to be impressively opaque so reducing the tendency for graphics to show through or for colour to wash out in bright lighting.

Contact and your sample will be on its way the day you request it.