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Marketing support programme for PSPs

Innotech Digital online Signature Marketing Toolkit

Innotech Digital has launched its online Signature Marketing Toolkit featuring a comprehensive range of online marketing assets, which PSPs can download, customise and use to advertise, demonstrate and even educate their customers on hundreds of products in the Innotech range. All marketing materials are completely unbranded and ready for PSPs to personalise and promote their own company.

Marketing manager Kieran Dallow explained: "In today's competitive climate we are continually thinking of new ideas to help our customers take positive steps towards growth. We wanted to come up with something new, a fresh approach to enable our extremely busy customers to co-operatively market our products but using their own brand.

“We are aware that most PSPs are owner-managed businesses and sometimes marketing, though important to them, is left until last simply because other jobs take priority. At Innotech we have a very experienced and skilful marketing department and we felt that this was a service we could offer out to PSP's directly that would prove extremely valuable."

Access to the Signature Marketing Toolkit is via the Innotech Digital website. Once a user logs in to their trade account, they click on the marketing support button on their dashboard and this brings them into the marketing portal. Users can filter by product category, which includes: Exhibition & Display, Digital Print Media, Point of Sale, Digital Signage and Presentation Media. Marketing tools available in each section include Product Images, Data Sheets, Product Videos, Assembly Instructions, Artwork Templates (where applicable), E-shot Templates and Catalogues.


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