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High performance cutter range developed for signage industry sector

Cristal helical milling cutter with chamfer radius.Cristal helical milling cutter with chamfer radius for plastic and foamboard.Belin slotting cutters for plastic.Belin slotting cutters for plastic.
A totally new range of cutters developed by LMT's Belin division for milling, drilling and engraving materials typically utilised by the sign making industry is now available through LMT (UK) of Meriden.

While most signage operations involve plastics, LMT has also drawn into its range of tools, cutters that can also be applied to machine foamboard, light wood and be used for very light metal machining in order to add flexibility and reduce tool stockholding for users.

The range spans ED, EG and EDG helical milling cutters that include tools with clockwise and anticlockwise flute styles. End mill cutters for radius, slotting, copying, panto milling, spherical, conical, surfacing, folding angle, sawing and single, two and four teeth operations are all available within the range. There is also a series of Mideco knives for vinyls, engraving tools from 0.1 mm dia that are suitable for use on stainless steels and drills between 1 mm and 14 mm dia.

Tools are available in solid carbide as well as some in natural diamond with special tools available for machining thick or fluorescent materials. The tooling range is also supported by a range of collets and reduction sleeves for mounting in the spindle of the machine tool.

A prime example within the range is the Cristal single flute endmill that has been developed by LMT Belin to create a crystal clear transparent cutting surface from a single pass at spindle speeds between 18,000 and 55,000 revs/min. Cutter sizes range between 3 mm and 10 mm dia and the right-hand upward inclined cutting edge is suitable for non-ferrous materials as well as plastics. The tools can be applied at feed rates between 0.8 and 10 m/min and used for semi-finishing, finish and super finish milling requirements when trimming, grooving and pocket milling.

The new range is presented in a new 50 page catalogue entitled "Signmaking" and incorporates application data and technical notes.

For further information visit www.LMT-tools.com

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