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Laaco refurbished laminators - Get more for your money

A laminator A Seal Image 600 laminator
With finances tight, choosing a reconditioned laminator over a new one could not only save you money but also prove to be much better value, says Simon Dobson of Laaco Ltd.

Laaco Ltd is a supplier and distributor of both new and secondhand industrial and commercial laminating machines, eye-letting machines, laminate cutters, trimmers and films to the imaging industry. The company is a main agent supplier for leading brands such as Neolt and Keencut.

"Over years of use laminator rollers get worn, and can be accidentally cut or damaged by knives, which then leaves marks on the laminated prints," says Simon. "At Laaco we know a good laminator when we see one so we take these old machines and replace the rollers to the manufacturer's original specification."

Through a process of precision engineering, the rollers are cleaned, recoated and ground back to the original specification using siliconised, heat resistant rubber with the same shore hardness.

Laaco then precisely calibrates the roller pressure and fully services the entire machine.

"The current exchange rate is making new laminators even more expensive for customers in the UK. Refurbished machines can work out to be much better value than new because they are tried and tested in the market. We don't change our cars because the tyres are bald, we just put on new ones, and it's the same with laminator rollers. Generally refurbished machines are bigger, heavier, and built to a much more exacting specification than modern machines," says Simon.

All Laaco machines are European, made from well respected companies such as Sallmetal, Omma, Neschen and Hot Press. Machines come with a three month parts and labour warranty.

Laaco complements its service to the exhibition market by supplying a high quality range of popular laminates and adhesive films. All films have been tested to the highest standards and proved themselves time and again, with outdoor durability for up to two years when mounted vertically.

Used by the most demanding customers in Europe, Laaco films provide both high quality and consistency, along with the very competitive pricing expected from buying direct.

Laaco films offer end users the same high quality that you would expect from leading manufacturers, but by buying direct you can lock in huge savings.

As well as supplying equipment and films Laaco also provides operator training and service and support for all types of laminating machines.

Find out more at www.laacolaminates.co.uk or tel: 0161 285 9466.

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