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Installing Sign Posts made easy

A brand new product developed in Canada, is set to revolutionise the sign industry.

Q-Set is a new way to install Sign Posts. It is a high strength alternative to concrete that is extremely lightweight, does not require water, sets in three minutes and is extremely easy to use.

Q-Set is a two part composite backfill for installing sign posts that is supplied in handy lightweight kits (400g to 1.1kg) saving the installer from transporting/carrying heavy bags of postcrete/concrete to and around site.

This new innovation does not require water as the product is mixed together in the kit for 20-30 seconds and then poured into the hole expanding to fill the void with no mess. The lightweight product expands and sets to 50% of full strength in just three minutes, and sets to 100% within two hours allowing posts to be installed into the ground easily, quickly and more effectively.

As well as not needing water, Q-Set is hydrophobic (water resistant) thus protecting the post from deterioration at its most vulnerable point under ground level.

Supplied in three size kits (small, medium and large), the unique formula adheres to wood, metal, concrete and fibreglass posts and with a choice of two grades, Q-Set 200 and Q-Set 250, all installations can benefit from the ease and convenience of this product.

Q-Set is lightweight, hassle free and exceptionally high strength, providing an alternative to concrete for the sign industry.

For further information telephone Mark Auty on 0845 486 1234 or email sales@kongcrete.co.uk

Alternatively to see Q-Set in action, watch the videos on www.kongcrete.co.uk

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