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Knomad build new online store

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Knomad Chalkart Studio have built a new online store for signwriters to come in and download their hand drawn high resolution chalkart graphics.

Peter Rhodes from Knomad Chalkart says, "We set the store up so signwriters can purchase individual images to suit their clients needs and it's a more user friendly way to use our artwork without having to purchase the CD packs. The artwork is downloaded from our site and arrives as a PSD file with transparent backgrounds, so you can layer and combine the artwork to make your own designs."

Peter adds, "One of the main features of the store is that you can purchase Chalkart Credits, which allows you to get the artwork at a discounted price and go shopping through the store using the credits. It's an easy way to go shopping and it's a great way to build up a chalkart image library. Once you have the images they can be used for other jobs down the track."

The image library has grown to over 500 designs over the past five years, focusing on the restaurant, pub and food industries. The images are perfect for digital printing and provides an option for getting away from the computer generated art.

Peter continues, "We set the artwork up for signwriters as we have been running a sign business for the past 20 years, and using our artwork for menuboards, lightboxes, digital media, vehicles, banners and whatever our clients require. The best thing about the library is that you can combine the artwork as it all marries together, which enables you to create your own designs by layering the images to suit the clients needs. It a great tool to add to any sign business and it's easy to use."

To find out more about the Knomad Chalkart Studio visit www.chalkartstudio.co.uk. The Sign Gallery shows how signwriters around the world are using their artwork.

Further information can also be obtained by emailing Peter at info@chalkartstudio.com

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