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Key2 Group bucks recession trend and invests in print technology

The Apollo 2216WW flatbed printer. Bucking the potential recession trend, Portsmouth-based display, graphics, print and signage company, Key2 Group, has invested £90,000 in a revolutionary new printer. Key2 Group believes the outlay not only puts them at the forefront of the latest high-tech printing techniques but also makes Key2 Group the first company in the UK to offer this technology.

The 2.2 x 4 metre Asian-made Apollo 2216WW flatbed printer joins the group's large format and grand format digital printers. The investment means that Key2 Group can now offer printing directly onto a wealth of substrates, including wood, glass, metal, plastics, paper, composites, and corrugated materials - not only in colour but also in white. Something, says Key2 Group, which is virtually impossible without resorting to bought-in screen-printing.

"The machine is not only equipped with no less than 12 colour print heads for six-colour print technology but it also has four white print heads to print a far denser white than most systems could ever produce," explains Mike Keating, Managing Director of Key2 Group. "This is a very exciting development for us as it means that white and colour are printed in one step, which is unique to this type of printer. We can therefore now print white in-house; a very special advantage, as we are now totally selfsufficient with our capabilities."

Key2 Group has always had a policy of investing heavily in the latest equipment to ensure it maintains a cutting edge in a competitive industry. This is doubly important amid warnings of a possible recession:

"The majority of our clients work in the visual marketing side of their industries," adds Mike Keating. "So, despite the economy facing a downturn, the need to be innovative and visual, with the ability to attract their customers' attention, has never been more important. The many services we offer allow our customers to maintain a high point-of-sale and marketing impact at a very challenging time."

With the printer's new UV ink jet technology a special UV lamp cures the ink almost the instant it touches the material. The ink is specially formulated to be flexible, which makes it ideal for many exterior projects such as mesh, banners and signage that Key2 Group undertakes, as it will not crack or "craze" in the wind. It can adhere to almost any rough surface, including Velcro, ceiling tiles, fibreglass, painted metals, and is also ideal for the many pop-up banner stands and building hoardings that Key2 Group produces. Key2 Group says this incredible new printer could even print directly onto porous materials like bread.

The machine is made by Asia's largest Screenprint machinery manufacturer, Korean-based DYSS, and was distributed to Key2 Group via Planet Digital based in Dorset.

"By investing in this revolutionary new machine, we are proud to be able to offer something very special, even unique, to our blue-chip customer base, which includes Adidas, Christian Dior, Samsung, Portsmouth Football Club, Vivienne Westwood and Southern Co-Operatives," concludes Mike Keating.

Go to www.key2uk.com or telephone 02392 388600 for further information.

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