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ArtSystems and Keencut Making Short Work of Brexit!

man cutting aluminium composite using Keencut's SteelTrak
SteelTrak produces a clean cut, with no sparks, no dust.

ArtSystems the UK trade distributor for Keencut’s range of print finishing cutters has like most companies been handling the supply issues from the Brexit changes to imports.

‘Like all distributors in the UK we faced some challenges over the first few weeks of January as many suppliers have complex and distributed supply changes. Fortunately, this is not an issue for Keencut their Corby based manufacturing and head office are the centre of an entirely UK based supply chain. This has made life a lot easier for our customers we have total visibility of stock and deliveries from Keencut.’ - Paul Tarry, Supplies Division Manager, ArtSystems

Keencut’s reputation for quality precision cutters is well established in the Sign and Display sector and with new products launched just before the end of 2020 demand has been healthy. The virtues of a UK based manufacturing and supply chain has ensured customers have not had their deliveries disrupted by Brexit.

‘We do always emphasis that Keencut is a British made product as the quality of all their equipment is heads above the competition, this has also paid off in terms of avoiding all the delivery disruption that many other manufacturers have suffered.’ - Paul Tarry, Supplies Division Manager, ArtSystems

ArtSystems are helping Keencut support their UK Premier Partners with marketing reviews and feedback in the coming weeks to help them prepare for post Lockdown business opportunities.



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