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ITC Puts High-Speed Cutting in the Groove

The new solid carbide Vee Groove tool from ITC
The new solid carbide Vee Groove tool.

High frequency spindles incorporated into CNC cutting tables are an increasingly commonplace installation in the production areas of sign-making, digital printing and graphics. With manufacturers such as Zund, Esko, Summa and DYSS being prominent in this area, Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) has an extensive range of balanced tools that are ideal for users of these machines.

Operating at extremely high spindle speeds often beyond 30,000rpm, these high-frequency spindles require precision, balanced cutting tools to operate at their full potential. ITC has a complete range of cutting tools and routing tools for these machines and the latest addition to the range is the new balanced Vee Groove tool.

Without balanced tools, the quality of surface and edge finish of components will diminish rapidly. In addition, the cutting process will induce vibration and generate excessive heat, noise and stress in the spindle. As a result, tool and spindle life will be significantly reduced. The new balanced Vee Groove tool from Tamworth manufacturer ITC eradicates these concerns to deliver performance that exceeds anything else in the industry.

The new solid carbide Vee Groove tool is perfect for use on a complete range of material types such as di-bond, delivering tool life, performance and surface finishes that are the benchmark of the industry. The new Vee Groove tool is a 2-flute cutter with a ½ inch head diameter and a 90degree inclusive angle. Balanced for application on machines that exceed spindle speeds of 30,000rpm, the Vee Groove tool has a 6mm diameter shank with an overall length of 63mm. For more information, please take a look at Issue 6 of the ITC Folio product catalogue that has now been published.


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