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ITC - Diamond Tooling

The ITC 190 Cyber Series Cutter. For abrasive materials that are punishing on cutting tools, ITC has now extended its exceptional range of 190 Cyber Series to incorporate metric as well as imperial dimensions. Initially launched for the imperial dominated sign making industry, ITC has not only noted the industry gradually moving toward the metric system but the cutters compatibility with materials commonly used in the routing and sign making industries.

The multiple flute, solid carbide diamond cut 190 Cyber Series now has 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12mm diameter additions to the imperial range. The new diameters are all available with either no end cut for side feeding, an end mill and drill point for aggressive plunging or a burr end cut for delivering excellent surface finishes.

Primarily used to cut glass fibre and also suited to machining additional abrasive man made fibres and composites including carbon fibre; the 190 Series has a cutting geometry that provides an easy cutting action that generates remarkable surface finishes on a wide variety of materials when conducting hand or CNC machining.

The right hand cutting 190 Series has a flute length ranging from 12.5mm for the 3mm diameter cutter to 25mm length for the 10 and 12mm cutters. The straight shank series is also available with a diamond coating to deliver extremely long tool life on very abrasive applications.

For further details on ITC’s 190 Cyber Series of cutters please contact your local ITC representative on Tel: 01827 304500.

Website: www.itc-ltd.co.uk

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