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ITC composes new routing line

The Cupro coated 1001-6F Series of routing tool
The Cupro coated 1001-6F Series of routing tool

For the effective machining of galvanised steel composite panels and magnetic whiteboard materials, Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) has now introduced the latest addition to its cutting tool portfolio, the Cupro coated 1001-6F Series of routing tools.

As the UK’s leading manufacturer of cutting tools to the sign making, print and digital display industry, the Tamworth manufacturer is continually evolving its product portfolio and reacting to the demands of industry to develop the most productive, innovative and cost-effective tooling solutions for industry. As part of this relentless R&D strategy, ITC has expanded the popular 1001 Series to incorporate the new Cupro coated 1001-6F Series.

The single flute routing tool for steel composite panels and magnetic whiteboard substrates has been coated with ITC’s innovative coating technology that demonstrates exceptional tool life when processing challenging materials. The solid carbide single flute routing tool is already revered as the tool of choice in the sign-making industry and the new Cupro coated variant provides exceptional heat and wear resistance to perform at the highest possible cutting parameters. At present, the new Cupro coated 1001-6F Series is available with a 6mm cutting diameter on a straight shank with an 11mm length of cut and an overall length of 50mm.

This geometry maximises rigidity and performance to provide surface finishes that are the envy of the industry. Capable of creating high-quality surface finishes that are a credit to the 1001-6F tool geometry and coating, end users can drastically reduce the requirement for time-consuming secondary hand finishing operations. With the solid carbide single flute upward spiral 30° helix on a reinforced 6mm shank, the new 1001-6F demonstrates performance that exceeds the capabilities of competitor product lines. For more information on this impressive new Cupro coated 1001-6F Series, please contact your ITC representative.


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