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New Gemstone cast iridescent effect films from APA

Car wrapped in the new GEMSTONE UltraJet cast iridescent effect film
Iridescence is an optical phenomenon of surfaces in which hue changes with the angle of observation and the angle of illumination

GEMSTONE is the new iridescent cast effect film series presented by APA at the SEMA SHOW 2022 in Las Vegas. Created as a response to the overwhelming demand from the wrapping world for Ultra Gloss finishes, with increasingly spectacular effects.

Designed to expand the UltraJet family, the line that facilitates wrapping thanks to the innovative repositionable “Ultra-Jet System” technology. It proposes unique and surprising colours, a kaleidoscope of different shades that change according to the light and angle of observation.

Available in 5 stunning new finishes embellished with fine metallic pigments, recreating the colour facets of precious stones:

  • JW/979.1 _ ULTRA – Gloss Gemstone SAPPHIRE BLUE
  • JW/979.2 _ ULTRA – Gloss Gemstone PYRITE GREEN
  • JW/979.3 _ ULTRA – Gloss Gemstone AMETHYST PURPLE
  • JW/979.4 _ ULTRA – Gloss Gemstone GARNET BRONZE
  • JW/979.5 _ ULTRA – Gloss Gemstone MOONSTONE BLUE

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