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Insight LED shines even brighter

Two different LED systems next each otherHighlight Mk5, due out soon, has had further 'improvements made to its efficacy and brightness' going from 2,000 lm/m @ 110 lm/W to 2,024 lm/m @ 120 lm/W. The high performance LEDs, coupled with efficient drivers and a semi circular beam angle-reducing light channel in the extrusion, make Mk5 an 'outstanding performer'.

If you are purchasing any LED system, for any application, efficacy is a very important specification, and is a bit like miles per gallon on a car, only it is brightness per watt of electricity, says the company.

This very bright version of Insight's LEDs, named Hyperbright consumes less than 17 W per metre length. If you want to reduce the energy consumption even further, there is also Ecobright, which is still bright and 'compares favourably with other systems on the market'. It produces 1,038 lm/m but at a very high (good) efficacy of 127 lm/W, consuming just over 8 W per metre. For something in between, there is Superbright, which gives 1,410 lm/m @ 127 lm/W, consuming 11 W per metre.

The new Mk4 profile shape has been very carefully designed to ensure the light is directed on to the sign face. So no angling or tilting required, as angling any light source inward just causes reflection on the sign face, making lettering hard to read. The very latest 3D printing has been utilised to produce many prototypes to ensure that when bulk extrusion is produced, it performs as it should.

Although it was decided to phase fluorescent out, room has been left to be able to house T5 fluorescent lamps and control gear, but T8 will not fit. The profile height has also been reduced to around 50 mm, making it less obtrusive and even easier to handle. An unique joining section also prevents light escaping at joints, supports and seals the unit, and is very easy to use.

The same fixing bracket system is used which has 'proved itself to be the best available for over 30 years'. The channel part has recently been updated on the brackets with a sleeker look, now with a channel for the mains cable to pass through.

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