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Insight Lighting - Back-lighting LED systems head to head

Lumirescent lamps going through an electrical consumption test. Fluorescent lamps going through the electrical consumption test.
Curious to know how the different LED systems for back-lighting sign boxes compare? Insight Sign Systems, supplier of the Lumirescent system wanted to know how its system stood up against the opposition, and conducted some tests.

Three of Europe’s best known systems (GE Tetra Grid, QuarterLite and Philips Poster Box Module) were tested, as were the three variations of Insight’s Lumirescent system (medium, bright and super bright). The tests covered electrical consumption, brightness, flexibility, operating temperature and cost, all in the same environment, measured with the same instruments and documented with the same camera. Standard fluorescent lamps were also compared.

Sign cases at 510 x 400 mm, manufactured for each system to be tested in, were fitted with a white painted stucco backing. Lux readings were taken without panels, with perspex panels and also with panels of a special polycarbonate intended for LED back-lighting. Photographs were taken in all areas of testing.

The only system tested, which was remotely comparable with fluorescent lamps for brightness, was Lumirescent Super Bright (which actually gave higher lux readings). At the bottom end of the scale, Philips Poster Box Module managed only 85 lux with perspex panel (fluorescent read 1,356 lux and Lumirescent Super Bright 1,400 lux).

Fluorescent is still sufficiently more cost effective than any of the LED systems for initial purchase. The cost of the QuarterLites with drivers was almost 10 times that of the fluorescents with drivers. One area where LEDs won out substantially however, was electrical consumption. For example, the case housing fluorescent lamps consumed 44.6 W in total, whereas that of Lumirescent Medium consumed only 7 W in total, so a fair saving in running costs.

Full results of the tests carried out can be viewed in PDF format on Insight’s website.

“Tests will be on-going,” comments Richard Rinn, managing director of Insight. “All systems will be operated 12 hours per day, 365 days per year, with lux readings taken each week.”

Insight also welcomes anyone to suggest further comparative tests, or to visit the Insight factory to see for themselves.

For further information call Insight Lighting on 0141 774 5990 or visit the website www.insightsignsystems.com

The test conditions with 6 different boxes, one for each setup.

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