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Safer plastics bonding with new eco-friendly INNOVA solution

Sign manufacturers wanting more eco-friendly products without compromising quality and performance reliability will welcome a new range of DCM-free acrylic welding cements and compounds available from INNOVA Solutions.

The range includes two and single-part welding and laminating compounds offering variable 'open' times, low viscosity, high clarity and a strong and reliable bonding capability. This can be achieved quickly without any of the health risks inherent in conventional DCM-based products, claim INNOVA Solutions.

Dichloremethane (methylene chloride) bonding and welding products still in use have been shown to cause unnecessarily high levels of toxicity which has resulted in major health issues. Particularly those that affect respiratory and the more serious degenerative conditions. These hazards have been well documented globally, with many reported instances of how exposure to DCM-based products seriously affects personal health. This has resulted in their removal from the market in certain countries, and a ban on the sale of DCM-based paint strippers in 2011 and their professional use in 2012 by the EU.

The renewable and more environmentally aware range of products from INNOVA Solutions are phthalate-free. This applies even to the activator used in the two-part exterior grade system. They offer superior clarity and speed of cure and are, according to the company, safe to handle as have none of the health and safety risks associated with DCM-based products. The products can be used to weld or bond a wide range of plastics and their derivatives, acrylic and polycarbonate widely used in the sign and graphics industry.

Sample bottles are in stock and can be obtained by contacting Michael Thompson on 01282 867390 or at Michael@innovasolutions.com


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