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Innotech Digital adds to PVC-free media

PVC woven banner material

In line with their mission to reduce their impact on the environment, Innotech Digital has increased its range of PVC-free wide and super wide format media.

The range was launched just over a year ago with the introduction of the Envirotech 260 and 300gsm FR B1 PVC-free banner materials. Manufactured to their own specifications, sales of the Envirotech range has grown steadily as the demand grew for a more environmentally friendly alternative banner material and in particular for the wide and super wide market in 3.2m and 5m rolls.

"We specialise in stocking wide and super wide rolls of media," said marketing manager Kieran Dallow. "When we found our customers asking us for a PVC-free banner that was stable and reliable, we set about making a product that would meet these requirements."

With the success of the first two products, the range has swiftly grown and now encompasses PVC woven banner material suitable for UV, solvent and latex printers as well as the recently launched PVC Décor and Exhibition & Display range, Vertex Texure.

Products include a heavy-duty mesh banner for fence, scaffolding or stadium banners and coated polyesters in greyback, white-back and blue-back, suitable for wall coverings and roll-up banners due to their superb stay-flat properties. A PVC-free coated polyester FR B1 350gm media is designed for more demanding applications and is ideal for canvas frames.

"As demand increases and printer and ink head manufacturers commit to developing more environmentally friendly printers, the demands for PVC-Free and recyclable materials will grow," continued Kieran. "It can no longer be perceived as a high-brow request; the environmental impact of sign and display is fast becoming an essential factor to buyers, specifiers and users. We have a corporate social responsibility to take a pro-active role in reducing our carbon footprint and providing products that enable our customers to do the same."


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