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Low read through adhesive works with simple fix and snap fix plastic locators

This two-part structural adhesive offers low exothermic properties

Indasol has introduced INDASOL 930LX, a two-part structural adhesive that not only works with Simple Fix and Snap Fix plastic locators (as does INDASOL 900) but also has the low exothermic properties of INDASOL 910LX.

INDASOL 930LX is a slower setting product to INDASOL 900 but has the same high strength properties and offers excellent long term adhesion to substrates including ACM, BCP, Di-BOND and acrylics. Offered in both 50ml and 400ml, it is a 1:1 product so will work in existing two-part hand guns, which means there is no need to change over guns.

Selecting the right adhesive for each application can be a challenge and up until some years ago INDASOL 900 would be the go-to product for all structural applications.

“With the ever changing materials used in signage we have tried to keep up and offer what is needed which is why we had 910LX introduced some years ago,” comments sales manager Nick Taylor. “Some customers have applications where 910LX isn’t the right choice and 900 creates read through on ACM so we are pleased to now have 930LX in the range to meet pretty much everyone’s needs.”

When using any structural adhesive it is important to follow a few golden rules, which is why INDASOL offer an online guide to using these products for optimum performance along with free of charge technical assistance either by phone/email or on site visits. For a free of charge sample or demonstration, contact INDASOL on 0121 556 9900 or enquiry@indasol.co.uk


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