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HP Designjet L28500 - New wide-format Latex printer introduced by William Smith

HP L28500 wide format latex printer

The range of HP Latex printers supplied by prominent HP channel partner William Smith has been further expanded with the introduction of the new wide-format HP DESIGNJET L28500. The printer has an addressable width of 104 inches (2.6m) and has been engineered to meet the needs of sign and graphics and digital printing companies with a broad range of application requirements and higher production levels, and in particular those companies who perceive textile printing and soft signage as key areas for future growth and prosperity.

As with all HP Latex printers, this latest offering incorporates the unique and patented HP Latex Ink Technology. As a consequence, there is no out-gassing requirement since the printer emits only a minimal VOC (volatile organic compound) content. Furthermore, the technology contains no hazardous air pollutants and does not generate harmful ozone emissions during the printing process. This eliminates the need for expensive fume extraction or special ventilating equipment, thus adding to the appeal of migrating from hazardous solvent-based systems to this faster, cleaner, safer and ultimately more cost-effective water-based printing technology.

The printer is fully compliant with all relevant EU safety and environmental standards. Significantly, these include GreenGuard certification that will enable odourless printed output for the more sensitive environmental applications such as those found in hospitals, educational establishments and other locations where standards of health and safety are paramount.

Key production enhancements of the HP L28500 printer include an ability to print on a much wider range of media (including fabrics used in textile printing and soft signage applications), improved indoor and outdoor durability by comparison with eco-solvent systems and an ability to produce double-sided prints with automated registration across both sides to enable immediate progress to finishing. Increased uptime is achieved via automatic low-maintenance printing and remote management, while the presence of an intuitive touch screen enables easier control of printer settings and workflow. The printer is compatible with both MAC and PC systems, has a one-year warranty and is supported by the comprehensive HP Care Pack Services package.

For further information, visit www.williamsmith.co.uk or telephone 01833 690305 to arrange a demonstration.

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