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HP Designjet L25500 - Be among the first to see the new affordable Latex inkjet printers

HP Designjet L25500 William Smith is offering graphics and signmakers the opportunity to get ahead of the game by being one of the first to see the latest HP Latex inkjet printers, the 60" model of the Designjet L25500. A series of demonstration days in Nottingham and Bracknell, as well as at William Smith's Barnard Castle site, will provide first hand experience of this exciting new technology.

The Designjet L25500 makes HP's new environmentally friendly latex inkjet technology an affordable printing option for both indoor and outdoor applications, putting greener manufacturing options within the reach of a wider range of sign companies and giving them a competitive edge.

Latex water-based ink is non-hazardous, free of VOCs, cures instantly and is virtually odourless. Furthermore, a wider range of print media can be used, including wallpaper.

The Designjet L25500 offers significant production advantages:

  • No daily maintenance is required
  • Increased productivity - e.g. from print to vehicle wrap in 30 minutes
  • Simple user replaceable printheads
  • Constant 1200dpx x 1200dpi printing creates eye-catching durable graphics
  • Outdoor durability up to 5 years laminated, 3 years non-laminated

Environmental benefits include:

  • Improved working environment for operators
  • Reduced energy costs as no special ventilation equipment or external dryers are required
  • Ink cartridges can be recycled

"Not only do we supply the L25500 printers, inks and materials, we also use one on our own shop floor, which means that we can offer the benefit of our own knowledge and expertise, from first hand experience," says William Smith's Marketing Manger, Chris Bradley.

To book your place at a demonstration or for more information contact Chris Bradley or Jonathan Harle on 01833 694707. Further information can also be obtained by visiting the website www.williamsmith.co.uk

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