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More Hotmask products for heat transfer applications

Hotmask being applied to the printed media Applying the graphic on to the garment, ensuring that the fabric is smooth and free of creases or folds. Pressing the graphic using a heat press Removing the Hotmask.

R Tape Europe has extended its range of Hotmask products with the full series now available.

Hotmask are 75 micron PET application and protection tapes used for heat transfer applications on textiles. They have a removable heat resistant modified acrylic adhesive that's specially formulated for heat transfer without leaving adhesive residue after transfer.

Both self-wound and linered versions are available and there's a choice of three different tack levels to suit the different properties of various textile transfer materials. For example, there's a high tack option for flock films and low and medium tack options for polyurethanes and vinyls.

When used as an aid for the alignment of text and printed graphics, Hotmask gives precise control of graphic placement on to the garment to ensure exact registration is maintained.

For best results Hotmask should be applied to the printed or weeded film with a squeegee. The liner of the textile media is removed and then the graphic is applied to the garment. Because the Hotmask is facing the top plate of the heat press, it protects the heat activated material and prevents discolouration and distortion during the transfer process.

The polyester film resists temperatures of 166 degrees C for 60 seconds and Hotmask is re-useable for up to four applications.

Find out more by visiting the website www.rtape.be or telephone 07887 612735.

  • Step 1: on a flat surface, apply Hotmask to the printed media with a squeegee. Turn over the graphic and remove the liner from the printed media.
  • Step 2: apply the graphic on to the garment, ensuring that the fabric is smooth and free of creases or folds.
  • Step 3: press the graphic using a heat press, making sure the correct temperature and pressure settings are used for the material.
  • Step 4: once the printed graphic has been fused on to the garment, remove the Hotmask.

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