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Harrison shows the way with LED lighting launch

Harrison External Display Systems have launched a pioneering and Eco Friendly LED flagpole lighting system that is the first of its kind in Europe.

The LED flagpole lighting boasts incredible visual impact, high-efficiency performance and long-lasting attributes; Harrison LED lights come with a robust life span of 17 years. Fully water, wind and weather proof and requiring no maintenance, the technology is the same used in Jacuzzis and swimming pools.

LED lighting continues to replace conventional lighting technology in several commercial arenas with significant savings in energy costs. The LED lights are integrated onto the top of flagpoles across the entire Harrison range and are available in a wide range of lighting colours to provide a truly bespoke effect to match any corporate colouring.

Existing Harrison customers can upgrade their flagpoles at the Darlington manufacturing plant, the latest in LED lighting technology can be fitted to transform old flagpoles to the best in class.

Andrew Hobson, Commercial Director at Harrison said; "We are excited about the new technology, for brands to display their logo 24 hours a day adds more impact and raises awareness to a potentially wider target audience. The LED technology developed by Harrison will add significant visual impact to the events and signage industry, making brands stand out and offering a competitive edge."

Hobson adds "Companies today are becoming increasingly more aware of their corporate social responsibility and this long term lighting solution ticks all the boxes as it is cost effective, environmentally friendly and energy efficient. LED is very much the future of commercial and event lighting."

Harrison's are taking orders now and have already received several orders from throughout Europe.

For further information visit the websites www.flagpoles.co.uk or www.eventproducts.co.uk

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