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Software update for JETRIX printers

a screenshot of the programmeSome of the complex challenges of large format printing have been "further simplified with the newest GUI update rolling out across the complete JETRIX KX printer range".
The latest software update offers an enhanced user experience with several improvements, which is developed with the operator in mind, says Inktec.

These include the ability to set the lamp power on a scale of one to nine, which means the printer delivers much more precision in terms of adaptability to suit the media type. The higher scale is better suited to robust firm media; whereas the lower scale enables a substrate traditionally impacted by high temperatures to be successfully printed on. There is also a new flood tool that enables the user to print a flood white or black layer, without the need to create a separate layer within the artwork file.

The system also facilitates the ability to easily map and move images around, to encourage the most effective media use to save costs. This creates efficient use of the printing space, with the minimum amount of media used for the job.

A critical element in any print production job is time, says the company. Which is where this latest GUI delivers a practical application that nests images to enable duplication without the need for massive RIP files every time. This decrease in RIP time means less time spent in pre-production.

Joey Kim, MD of InkTec Europe said: “The research and development team in our headquarters are constantly looking at ways to evolve and improve the GUI software of the JETRIX printers. The specific requirements for this latest version centres to deliver the ultimate, user friendly experience while specifically focusing on areas which will deliver a direct, positive impact for the printer.”

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