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Gripple showcases new suspension products


Sheffield-based Gripple has opened up its range of wire rope suspension products to the signage market.

Gripple standard hanger suspending M&S retail signage

The multi award-winning manufacturer of wire joining and tensioning devices has a range of innovative signage suspension systems, which not only blend into their surroundings but also offer significant additional benefits.

Gripple signage systems are simple to use, save time and money when compared with traditional methods and are adaptable, lightweight, strong, versatile, environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

The standard Gripple hanger range, coming in five load ratings, up to 325kg, are strong, versatile, simple and discreet. The XP1 is easy to use and finely adjust, using an ergonomic button release, without compromising strength.

The Gripple Squeezelock is sleek and stylish whilst retaining the functional benefits of the Hangers and the XP1. Gripple Catenary solutions allow flexible suspension of signage, where existing support structures are not available, for use both internally and externally.

Gripple's signage systems are supplied in ready-to-use kits and available with a wide variety of end fixings suitable for easy installation into all substrates. The kits provide the selection of the best and bespoke solution for every signage job.

Gripple, whose construction and agricultural devices are sold worldwide, began suspending services in the construction industry in the late 1990s, leading progressively to the development of products specifically for signage suspension.

The company's strategy continues to identify wire joining and tensioning problems and solve them with innovative products, giving customers both practical and economic benefits. With a current drive towards developing its presence in the signage industry and Gripple products already being used in major UK retail outlets, Gripple is confident of developing a raft of innovative signage installation solutions in the near future.

For further information, or for a product brochure, please contact Glenn Bills at g.bills@gripple.com alternatively you can call 01142 288704 or visit www.gripple.com

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