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Green Magic introduce exclusive new range of products

Following a break from exhibiting Green Magic is returning to Sign and Digital with several new innovations. The company behind the successful www.sign-holders.co.uk website has consolidated its position as a significant supplier of snap frames, floor sign stands and a host of signage products. Green Magic is exhibiting at this year's show with new ranges not previously seen in the UK.iPad Stands

LED and iPad Innovations

Two of the new products cater for the current popularity of LED signs, especially on secondary shopping streets, and the use of tablet computers in venues such as showrooms and exhibitions. Each is targeted intelligently at its respective market sector with features tailored to appeal to trade and end users alike.

Online resources for trade and end users

The Sign-Holders.co.uk website is now packed with clearly indexed and easy to find information and prices for all Green Magic products. Visitors to the website are guided through the various product groups with clear explanations together with all the details and images needed. The company also stresses that well trained sales staff are also readily available at the end of the phone for advice and assistance.

The website has also seen some significant improvements for registered resellers who can now access special pricing and trade-only offers any time they log in. Trade visitors to stand J64 at Sign and Digital will be able to learn more about accessing this newly introduced facility.

iPad floor stands

Apart from LEDs another example of today's technology revolution is the tablet computer.

The enormous volume of iPad sales has stimulated many new applications including the demand for iPad display stands and kiosks.

As floor sign stands of every type are a mainstay of Green Magic's business they have been on the look-out for new products specifically designed for mounting iPads in a secure, smart and economical way. The new range scores well on all these fronts: the stands are stylish and the prices are very competitive.

A choice of black or white bezel complements respective iPad models and the tablet housing can be rotated quickly from portrait to landscape, and locked in position.

Access to the 'home' button can be restricted to prevent tampering. As well as floor standing versions wall mounted models will be introduced.

Modular LED letters

Modular LED lettering being put together by hand

Flashing LED signs are found everywhere. They are mass produced cheaply with standard messages such as 'OPEN' or 'BAR'. However, if a customised message is required such as 'OPEN TILL 10PM' or 'HARRYS BAR' hitherto a bespoke solution has been required. No longer is that the case: LED Alphabet enables custom signs to be created in moments.

A full alphabet of LED letters and numerals is available ready-made; they simply clip together, plug in and light up. An optional flasher unit can be inserted adjacent to the power connector or midway through the message so that only part of the sign will flash on demand.

There are many opportunities for sale of individual illuminated signs or even for hiring out custom sets of letters for the events and party market.

For more information please call 01489 896999 or visit www.sign-holders.co.uk

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