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‘Fastest in class’ colour scanner launched by Graphtec GB

Providing the ideal partner for digital printers used in sign design studios, copy shops and drawing offices generally in the industrial and commercial sectors, the new CSX500 series of scanners from Graphtec GB delivers remarkably fast scanning speed in relation to its relatively low cost.

Graphtec CSX500 colour scanner

Typically, high-resolution (up to 1200dpi) AO-size colour scanning can be carried out in just 15 seconds, making the CSX500 series four times faster than a previous offering to enable 'fastest in class' market recognition and obviating the need for investment in expensive large-format machines.

Available in three models, each of which provides a 36-inch scanning area and all of which share common as well as different performance characteristics to accommodate varying production requirements, the CSX500 series of scanners uses Graphtec's proprietary LUXios scanning and Real Color colourmatching technologies to deliver high-speed and high-precision uniform colour reproduction of design documents, engineering drawings and associated data. The scanners will handle media up to 1.6mm in depth and are supplied with PC-compatible software.

This includes the Scanning ARTS2 for WIN program that enables users to easily build a large-format copy system by combining existing large-format printers and Graphtec scanners to mimic a photocopying machine.

The CSX500 series of scanners comes with a range of standard accessories to further enhance their production capabilities and to enable Graphtec GB to offer a high-performance and high-quality product at a price that will readily appeal to smaller design studios or any drawing office where there is the need to reproduce copies from a full-size original.

For further information, call 01978 666700 or visit www.graphtecgb.co.uk

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