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The new LaserPro S290LS-200 watt Metal Cutting Fiber Laser

Grafityp s290ls-200w metal laser cutting system

Grafityp have announced the launch of the LaserPro S290LS-200 metal laser cutting system, joining the wide range of laser engravers and cutters already available

Previously, a metal cutting machine held a price tag that many could not warrant spending and often came in a size smaller businesses could not accommodate.

The LaserPro S290LS-200 breaks down the barriers, providing a powerful, accurate, more compact, quality built machine that won't break the bank, to a wider market.

The LaserPro S290LS-200 fiber laser was originally designed as a tailor made machine for a specific customer by GCC and is now available globally to anyone wishing to cut metals including stainless steel, brass, gold or aluminium in various thicknesses. It will also engrave onto metals at 40ips.

The LaserPro S290LS-200 is a fiber 200 watt machine with a large work area of 27” x 17” and incorporates an abundance of innovative features such as Drag-NEngrave, which enables operators to drag the lens carriage directly to a start point of a job. A high speed closed loop DC Servo Motor provides precise and fast carriage movement for exceptionally accurate cutting output. The systematic and reliable motion system “DuraGlide” with strong mechanical framework, Kevlar belts and accurate servo motor control technology delivers superb output quality under rapid movement.

Housed in a stylish cabinet, the S290LS-200 has front and rear door access which is extremely convenient when working with extra long projects. The control panel is easy to operate and programmable origin modes allow users to set up jobs effortlessly.

The SmartCENTER function allows operators to automatically locate the centre of objects of any shape, significantly cutting down on set-up time. For a safe operating environment the S290LS-200 is equipped with a key switch and emergency stop button.

To find out more about the LaserPro S290LS-200 or any of the other machines in the range, contact Grafityp directly on 01827 300500, FreeFax 0800 318075, E-mail: sales@grafityp.co.uk or visit the website at www.grafityp.co.uk

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