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Matrix Letters - Research Developed

GDI's Matrix letteringGDI's Matrix letteringGDI's Matrix letteringGDI's Matrix lettering

GDI Trade Signs has announced the development of a new type of built up lettering called the Matrix letter. GDI believe the new Matrix lettering will be really popular and something that their customers will be able to sell a lot of.

The Matrix product range was created with GDI customers in mind. GDI are constantly getting feedback from their clients to find out what more they can do to help them sell more to their end customers. And the feedback received a lot recently is we need something different, that helps our customers and us stand out from the crowd.

Since moving to their East Sussex based premises over 12 months ago, GDI set up a research and development department.

This enables new ideas to be tested with the latest technology, and it always ensures that what they look to develop is requested by customers.

The idea behind Matrix and other products which are planned for launch to market within the next 18 months is simply to bring what has been so successful in other industries to the sign industry. If you look at mobile phone industry, it's been revolutionised and to a certain extent dominated by the customer led products developed by Apple. The same with gaming, Nintendo invested heavily in R & D and came up with a whole new way of playing video games in the highly successful Wii.

GDI have grand plans to emulate Apple and Nintendo to become the innovators in the sign industry. A lofty ambition for a company that is known for aiming high. With the Matrix product range GDI have developed a number of ways of building individual direct light sources into the face of the letter. This can be flat, pushed through or shaped, depending on what effect the customer is looking for. These can come in a number of shapes, sizes and colours, which can be applied to almost any type of traditional built up letter, such as stainless, aluminium, acrylic, brass etc. The possibilities are only really limited by the imagination.

It is hoped that GDI Matrix will follow in the footsteps of other successful product ranges which GDI have developed such as; GDI Trax and GDI Hybrid. There have already been orders placed for a number of large high street names and the hope that this is just the beginning of something big.

GDI would be very pleased to discuss any requirements sign companies may have where they feel GDI Matrix could be utilised within current or forthcoming projects.

GDI Trade Signs Tel: 0800 146 008 Email: sales@gdisigns.net

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