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SIGNBLOCK for built up letters

3D items made from SIGNBLOCKWhen producing built up letters, there are many different materials available such as wood, metal, plastic and foam. All of these have their place, but according to Indasol, they all come with limitations. These could be cost, weight, exterior durability or shape design. Indasol claim that with their SIGNBLOCK, the "skies the limit"!

SIGNBLOCK is a solid, lightweight yet durable Heavy duty Urethane Foam (HDU). It has a consistent structure throughout unlike other foams. It is light weight unlike wood/metal and once coated to your desired finish, it is extremely durable and resilient to the external elements.

With it you can create 3D images and shapes using CAD and CNC technology or sand blasting or even hand carving. Your customers can have unique designs and shapes that they "actually want".

SIGNBLOCK can be front face and back lit offering a near neon appearance. And once painted SIGN-BLOCK can be made to look like metal, wood, stone or plastic. It has the added benefit of being easily repeatable on a CNC programme; as well as its key feature of being "extremely" lightweight which offers a health and safety benefit on larger installations.

Supplied in 1M x 2M sheets, they can offer a range of thickness from as thin as 5mm through to any thickness up to 1M. Densities range from very low right through to almost granite hardness. "SIGNBLOCK really is a revolutionary product and INDASOL offer all bonding, fixing and sealing products to help you create that striking image," says the company.

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