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Eurobond Adhesives launch FlexiFix®

three tubes of flexifix adhesiveFlexiFix® is a new generation of flexible adhesive technology that is ideally suited for metal, modern composite and plastic fabrication in sign making applications. FlexiFix® offers the sign maker a controllable adhesive that will not leave ‘’pull through’’ marks on composite materials such as Dibond, including mirror finished Dibond, and will bond just about any material combination, says the company.

When cured it accommodates movement in the joint, which may be caused by vibration, thermal cycling, differential expansion between two different materials, wind dynamics, shock, impact or mechanical forces acting on the joint.

FlexiFix® has a work life of up to 19 minutes, which gives the fabricator the opportunity to work on larger or complicated work pieces, without the adhesive partially curing. Handling strength at room temperature can be achieved in approximately 25-35 minutes allowing the work piece to be handled. Full cure is reached (dependant on the room temperature) between 12-24 hours.

Phone: 01795 427888
Email: sales@eurobond-adhesives.co.uk.

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