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Flashwear.com creates world’s first wearable neon sign

Clothing innovator have created "Flat Neon Signs" for fashion and wearable technology.

Flashwear neon blue t-shirt Flashwear.com is the leading clothing innovator for wearable technology. Flashwear take numerous lighting technologies and applies them to fashion, and their line of illuminated apparel is worn all around the world.

Since creating the t-qualizer (that's the shirt with the graphic equalizer), Flashwear have in recent months devoted themselves to furthering wearable technology in mainstream fashion. Their latest release is the "Flat Neon", which is part of the techstyle range. Using a phosphor print process they have developed a flat flexible panel that behaves like neon sign. It stitches to any garments and quietly flickers and animates like a classic neon sign from the 1950s.

The range is kicked off with shirt slogans enhanced by the technology. Consumers can wear things like "OMG", "GEEK" or a yellow Smiley with an extra twist. They currently come on t-shirts in 10 different colours and by the end of September they will be on everything from hoodies to dresses.

Simon Parkes, founder of FlashWear, thinks it will be the next big thing. "If you read early adopter blogs and forums there is a buzz going round about wearable tech," he says. "I see our garments fill a niche, which is growing more mainstream every day. But I do admit our products are not going help you boil and egg in space - yet!"

Flashwear have some 10 new product ideas that are coming to market between now and Christmas. When applied to the various fashions and styles it will mean an additional 1,000 products by the end of the year. "Illumination is one area, we have solar reactive inks and next month we even have clothes that interact with Smartphones, so watch this space," says Simon.

For more information on the FlashWear developments and to see the Flat Neon shirts in action then go to www.flashwear.com

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