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Firstlite unveils the Infinity Neon LED Signage Range

A neon lit up sign of the range with a black background
Firstlite plans regular training days for the installation and maintenance of the Neon Infinity range
A neon sign of the name Elise, with a heart shape after the name
Stylish with energy efficient LED technology, The Neon Inifinity range comes in a wide variety of colours to add a sleek design to any contemporary space 

FirstLite LED Systems Limited, a leading supplier of LED modules to the UK sign market, today introduced the Infinity Neon LED signage range. These new products are ideally suited for restaurants, shops, salons, and homes and are available by the metre to help minimise wastage. All products in the range come with a 12-month warranty and are fully backed by Firstlite’s consultancy, training and support packages.

Megan Woodcock, Managing Director of Firstlite, says, “This versatile and energy-efficient illumination option offers a sleek LED design that adds contemporary elegance to any space. Customers can purchase the Infinity Neon LED signage range by the metre, which reflects Firstlite's commitment to providing a cost-effective and environmentally conscious solution for businesses and homeowners alike.”

The Infinity Neon LED range includes plug-and-play drivers designed for end-users, facilitating easy fitting without the need for an electrician. The product line also includes a wide array of coloured tubing and reels, enabling the customisation of signage to meet customer preferences. Additionally, LED controllers and dimmers are available, empowering end-users to create various effects from a single sign.

Megan adds, “Firstlite stands behind the durability and quality of the Infinity Neon LED range, offering a 12-month warranty for added peace of mind. We also aim to simplify the signage installation process by providing a comprehensive supply package. Every purchase includes essential components such as cables, a plug-and-play driver, a router tool, a reel, and tubing – everything needed for a hassle-free setup.”

Enhanced customer experience

Neon LED signs are usually manufactured using acrylic, and an extensive range of products are available from Firstlight LED’s sister company, First Fix Plastics, to deliver a one-stop-shop signage system. This means customers have all the necessary products, services and support to ensure a seamless experience.

To empower customers further, Firstlite plans regular training days. These sessions guide users on the proper installation and maintenance of the Infinity Neon LED signage. “Our training days are hugely popular and are designed to help customers navigate the huge array of products and solutions available to them,” adds Megan.

She concludes, "The Infinity Neon LED signage range embodies our commitment to providing customers with not only a visually stunning LED solution but also a sustainable and user-friendly experience. With minimal LED wastage, comprehensive supply packages, and upcoming training sessions, we aim to redefine LED signage solutions for our valued customers." With its sleek LED design and vibrant glow, the Infinity Neon range brings a touch of modern sophistication to diverse settings.


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