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Putting iPad interactivity at the heart of display

Since setting up as a display solutions provider eight years ago, Eurostand Display has cultivated a reputation for continuously adding innovative and value-added products to its portfolio and thus widening the markets into which its trade-only customers can develop their businesses.

The latest product to be rolled out by the Essex-based company looks set to continue this dynamic tradition. The new Centro iPadDisplay family of secure tablet computer enclosures has been designed specifically to unleash the massive capabilities of tablet computer interactivity across a whole range of display applications.

In particular, Centro iPadDisplays have been created to work seamlessly within Eurostand Display’s flagship Centro modular display solution, and perfectly house all models of Apple’s iPad within a secure, protective and robust unit.

Centro iPad Displays work within Eurostand Display’s Centro modular system.

The design of the housing means the system is highly adaptable, enabling it to rotate a full 360 degrees, and the surface mount versions to also tilt 90 degrees. With a little inspiration, countless combinations of display configurations are possible, says Eurostand Display.

The system mounts securely to any surface with a suitably-sized fixing hole. While, with an easily-attached universal vesa fitting in place, iPadDisplays can also be fixed to an upright Centro column at a height to suit any application.

iPadDisplays allow 3G, Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity where available, and features apertures for Apple dock connectors, camera and speakers.

Eurostand Display’s latest product is made in Britain from high grade, durable materials that provide high security in tandem with a clean, uncluttered profile for unhindered access to the powerful, finger-swipe interactivity that modern tablets bring to users.

Two types of housing are available for maximum flexibility: one which covers the iPad’s home button for static content control; and a version that enables access to the button for a fully interactive user experience. Eurostand Display says that with iPadDisplay holders incorporated into a Centro-based solution, whole new dimensions in display are being opened up by its clients. These include intuitive wayfinding, cutting edge interpretation boards, educational presentations, schedules, itineries and menus. Anywhere a display exists, brand new dimensions and experiences are deliverable at the point of interaction, says the company. Centro is a contemporary modular display system that can be adapted to projects of any size or budget. Its flexibility and elegance lend the system to an enormous range of applications, including tradeshows, conferences, showrooms and retail displays. Eurostand Display supplies modular exhibition solutions and indoor and outdoor display products, including pop ups, roll ups and eco-friendly hardware.

More information about the iPadDisplay, including a detailed specification, is available on Eurostand Display’s website at www.eurostanddisplay.com

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