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Eurostand Display - Multimedia graphic solutions take centre stage

Eurostand Display have opened a world of opportunity with its latest range of audio visual graphics systems.

The Centro Theatre system.The Essex-based trade-only supplier has just added an integral large screen option into its best-selling Centro modular display system range. Eurostand says the addition has generated a buzz of interest from customers keen to exploit the enormous opportunities that multimedia brings to a wide range of applications.

With its contemporary design and anodised aluminium construction, Eurostand says Centro was always designed to be elegant, durable and functional. 'The beauty of the system is that you only have to buy it once,' says the firm's National Account Manager Sam Mooney. Sam continues: 'It's scaleable and adaptable, with standardized fittings, so you can add to it at any time, or rearrange the elements to suit your need. And now, with the large screen display as an integral option, the system has evolved with dynamic content and sound to bring a brand new dimension to any display application.

'Whether you want a graceful showroom backdrop or a more refined presence at a trade show, Centro is one of the most professional solutions available and, even better, it now incorporates audio as well as visual capabilities.'

Gaining and holding people's attention has always been the challenge facing designers of display systems. In terms of noticeability the Centro Theatre system cleverly marries high resolution moving images, interactivity and sound with graphics that surround and reinforce the screen and audio content. 'The three media working in tandem are an extremely powerful combination in any situation,' says Mooney.

'At a time when every penny of marketing budgets is having to work harder, the Centro Theatre Systems add a persuasive dimension to static displays that can only enhance the noticeablity and effectiveness of our customers' campaigns' states Sam.

The combination is entirely customisable to suit users' individual requirements and budgets, says Eurostand. Applications that particularly benefit from this combination of static and dynamic media include trade shows, seminars, point-of-sale and showrooms.

The screen and graphic elements can be used as a stand-alone presentation, or be seamlessly integrated into a full-size Centro exhibition stand and screen sizes between 23" and 42" can be incorporated into the system cleanly, simply and easily.

For further information visit the website www.eurostanddisplay.com

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