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Eurobond Clearfix - Eurobond combats cold weather with new product launches

Eurobond Adhesives has added a brand new product, Clear-Fix, to its range of adhesives specifically for signmaking applications.

Clear-Fix from Eurobond Adhesives Ltd is a clear, high strength polymer hybrid adhesive and sealant. It has all the high bond strength and chemical resistance of a polyurethane plus the fantastic sealing properties of a silicone. Clear-Fix offers excellent adhesion to a huge range of substrates, whilst providing toughened flexibility throughout the bond-line. This new product also has a unique adhesion promoter which enables it to be applied to damp surfaces or in wet conditions.

Very versatile and able to bond a wide range of substrates withEurobond Adhesives Clear-Fix out the need for surface primers or conditioners, Clear-Fix is ideal for many different applications. Typical bonding applications encompass plastics, metals and modern composites in commercial signage, clear letters into sign faces, glass to metal and wood, and carbon fibre panels. Further applications include bonding/sealing sign systems and sealing and weatherproofing joints.

Clear-Fix will not shrink on curing, will tolerate -55°C to +100°C, has an open time of around 10 minutes and gains a very fast initial grab with thorough cure in approximately 24 hours.

Cold weather

With this winter being one of the coldest in recent years, it's worth remembering how much cold weather can affect the integrity of some adhesive tapes. Applying adhesive tapes in low temperatures or on to cold surfaces can result in a slower cure time and weaker adhesion to the surface, leading to failure that in turn costs sign makers money in repair work, as well as damaging their reputation.

To help overcome this problem, Eurobond Adhesives has launched EB3040G, an adhesive tape developed specifically for use in low temperatures approaching zero degrees C. Able to tolerate huge temperature variations, from -40 to +160 degrees C, this new adhesive tape is also ideal for application to those difficult to bond 'low surface energy' materials such as EVA, polypropylene, polyethylene and even silicone surfaces.

EB3040G is a foamed acrylic adhesive tape available in 12mm, 19mm, 25mm and 50mm widths with various tape thicknesses and roll lengths.

Prices frozen

When the standard VAT rate increased to 20% in January, some suppliers might have used this as an opportunity to mask their own price increases but Eurobond Adhesives has announced a price freeze.

"We recognise that the current state of the UK economy is adding to the pressure on sign making businesses already struggling to remain competitive. In order to help, I have decided to freeze all our prices for signmaking adhesives and adhesive tapes until July 2011. In six months we will review again and hope to be in a position to continue the price freeze until January 2012," explains Simon Dearing, Managing Director at Eurobond Adhesives Ltd.

Discover the Eurobond Adhesives range at the website www.eurobond-adhesives.co.uk or telephone 01795 427888.

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