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Eurobond Adhesives launch new “Sticky Strips”

New EuroBond Sticky Strips

The strips are removable and self-adhesive for easy use.

Sticky Strips are individual strips of foamed acrylic tape supplied on a roll that can be used to bond posters and signage to walls, bond exhibition graphic panels to booth walls, bond point of sale/point of purchase material in store, promotional signs to the tops of petrol pumps etc. 'Sticky Strips' will adhere to most metals, many plastics, painted plasterboard, glass and wood. They can be used on indoor surfaces and covered outdoor surfaces.

Each individual 'Sticky Strip' has a simple pull tab at one end which when pulled, elongates the adhesive peeling it away from the surface without any damage and without leaving any residue to the surface below.

Sticky Strips are clean and simple to use. For your free sample please call 01795 427 888 NOW!

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