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Environmentally friendly sign board products

Envirobox environmentally friendly products on display
The Envirobox, an innovative range of environmentally friendly products.

Pyramid Display Materials has launched an innovative range of environmentally friendly products marketed under the Envirobox brand: the FibrousFamily and the POLYLINEFamily. The overriding message was: always try to use a fibrous product but if you have to use plastic, make sure it’s an easily recyclable polypropylene. The box contains 27 printed and shaped samples of each of the products together with a printed brochure detailing all the main attributes of the range together with recycling information.

Head of sales & marketing Neil McCarthy explains: “We launched our first Environmental Choices range over 10 years ago but coinciding with the financial crisis meant the retailers soon lost interest in being greener and concentrated on keeping their shops open so 12 months ago we decided the market forces were right and public opinion was firmly focused on The War on Plastic mostly down to David Attenborough’s The Blue Planet.

New products in the range include All Weather Board and DISPA hanging signage board from the fibrous family and POLYLINEFoam, POLYLINEBubble, POLYLINEWave and POLYLINEFab from the polypropylene family.


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