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Solar Powered Signage!

Information board lit up at dusk Close up of solar panel

Solar power is far from a new concept, and yet only more recently are we are seeing it incorporated into a wider range of applications.

Notice board and sign system manufacturer, Signscape and Signconex Limited (SASL) have taken advantage of the developments in solar technology to launch their latest generation of Eco-Vision; solar powered illuminated notice boards and monolith signage.

Eco-Vision is an eco-friendly, cost-effective solution that has been specifically designed to make information visible during dusk and at night, where routing mains power is undesirable, impractical or too expensive. The true value is most apparent in highly urban or remote locations, where the cost and upheaval associated with routing mains power (to free standing displays) is far greater. In highly urban locations it can be a costly and complicated process involving multiple agencies and contractors; not to mention health and safety procedures, road closures and traffic diversions.

In rural locations, the most common obstacle is the distance from existing mains power connections. For example, a golf club, hotel or public estate may benefit from having a solar display at the end of their driveway but be unwilling to dig up their land to route mains power. In remote locations such as rural cycle routes, laying power isn’t even an option. Eco-Vision is as easy and inexpensive to install as any similar non-illuminated display, says the company. Which means not only a significant saving of time and money, but that displays with 24 hour visibility can be installed in almost any location.

Powered by standard daylight conditions, Eco-Vision stores energy during the day to provide power for illumination during dusk and at night. Eco-Vision uses an intelligent on demand lighting system that triggers when low levels of ambient light are combined with movement detection. This conserves power during the day to ensure there is always sufficient energy to illuminate when it’s needed. In certain locations Eco-Vision can be set to operate with continual illumination during dusk and at night.

Available in wall mounted, post mounted and monolith format, it's virtually maintenance free and comes with a three-year guarantee as standard. But SASL say they are confident Eco-Vision products will last between five and 15 years. This latest generation is also the first notice board system to have all solar components fully integrated into the framework. The substantial and extremely reliable 'Gel-Matt' battery-controller unit has been specifically chosen for its ability to cope with the variables of current during different external conditions, without suffering from premature battery wear. In the five years SASL have been supplying Eco-Vision products they state they have never experienced a battery failure.

"Ideal in town centres, parks, private and public estates, cycle and coastal paths, golf courses, hotel driveways, remote car parks and station platforms, sites of historical importance and university campuses, we think Eco-Vision is an exciting new product for the sign and visual communication industry," says a spokesperson.

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