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Insitu Group trebles capacity with Durst P5 350 platform

Damian Loach and Print Operations Manager Peter Gilbert with the Durst P5 350 at Insitu.
Damian Loach and Print Operations Manager Peter Gilbert with the Durst P5 350 at Insitu.

Insitu Group has become the UK and Ireland’s first user of Durst’s P5 350 all-in-one hybrid solution for flexible roll and board printing. This is the centerpiece of a major investment that takes quality and productivity into a new era, as well as opening up new markets.

Unattended overnight production, five-layer printing options and multi-roll track systems mean more than one customer job can be run at the same time at different speeds. These are among the major benefits of the P5 purchase from  Durst, manufacturer of advanced digital printing and production technologies.

Installed just before lockdown, Damian Loach, Insitu Group’s Managing Director, said: “The P5 is amazing and provides the highest single output of any machine by far. It has trebled capacity. Previously we were losing out on jobs because operational times are now so demanding. You have to be extremely reactive. Often it’s a next-day delivery requirement.

“That’s one of the reasons why unattended printing is so useful. We can produce 600 square metres overnight. Another really important feature is the multi-track roll function where orders from more than one customer jobs can be printed at the same time in varying volumes. The Durst Print Workflow software and the monitoring tool Durst Analytics are also key to our success. We can achieve so much more output, thanks to automated functions.  The P5 has added to our original printers, giving us a further 178 metres an hour, upping our capacity to 500 metres per hour. This gives us control and capacity with tight timeframes without having to outsource or rely on others.”

The four-colour with white option P5 is the cornerstone of Leicester-based Insitu Group’s print division, Intoprint Digital, which also boasts extensive cutting and finishing capabilities. The £10 million turnover Insitu Group started as a shop-fitting business 24 years ago and has expanded into many other markets other than print. Clients include some of the world’s major brands in retail, cosmetic and other sectors. New market pushes include construction and health sectors.

Mr Loach added: “Delivering high levels of service in specific time frames is key. We’ve had an amazing experience with Durst and the support of local engineers is great too. We are really proud to become the first company in the UK and Ireland to receive the P5 and be at the cutting edge of technology. This is the best technology platform available. Despite these uncertain times, we are glad we invested and are confident of future growth where we expect our print business to grow rapidly in the next few years.

“We spent a lot of time searching for what we feel is the best machine on the market, with quality foremost as we have a reputation for providing a second-to-none service with some of the world’s most famous brands in retail, clothing and cosmetics markets. Now we are confident of being able to expand our offerings in much bigger markets. Print is relevant to all our business, getting brand awareness out there in the eyes of the consumers has always been key. The significance of the 5-layer option is that it’s essential to world brands, keeping suppliers the same around the globe.”

Peter Bray, Managing Director of Durst UK & Ireland, said: “P5 is our technology and innovation platform for large format specialists. Insitu Group was the first of several P5 installations that have taken place this year, which is part of our expanded portfolio that comes complete with integrated workflow and analytics software. It’s a perfect example of how, in an integrated world, printers need to change as well. With the P5 family we provide tools for change and profit as part of our commitment to continue to lead the innovation in the large format market.”


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